"Film is a precise and aesthetic tool to convey my science to a broad audience which comprises the interested public and peer scientists alike. Film allows me to authentically disseminate my research like no written and spoken word or photograph could ever do, and it gives my work credibility and charisma."

Geraldine Werhahn | himalayanwolvesproject.org Wildlife Conservation Research Unit Department of Zoology, University of Oxford

THE Himalayan Wolf

Insights from research on the Himalayan wolf in Nepal, Production 2017.


Science documentary of Geraldine Werhahn, Ph.D. Candidate, about an old lineage of wolves, found in the high-altitude ecosystems of the Himalayas and the Tibetan Plateau. The Himalayan wolf has been roaming the vast landscapes of Central Asia for more than 800 thousand years. Genet- ically this wolf lineage is distinct from the Grey wolf found across Europe and North America. The Himalayan wolf population, although currently little understood, appears to be decreasing. Wolves get persecuted by humans in retal- iation for livestock depredation which is a main driver of human-wolf con ict. Community based insurance schemes for livestock depredation can bring  nancial relief to herders that suffer animal losses.


Postproduction by Geraldine Werhahn and Jeanine Reutemann