SCNAT Swiss Sustainability Research Initiative Trailer

This video presents the Sustainability Research Initiative (SRI) of the Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT). The SRI aims at promoting research for sustainable development in Switzerland. It is realized in collaboration with our partner institutions at the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences.



Claudia Binder, Steering Committee Sustainability Research

Antonio Loprieno, President, Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences

Peter Edwards, President, Steering Committee Sustainability Research

Marlyne Sahakian, Steering Committee Sustainability Research

Marcel Tanner, President, Swiss Academy of Sciences


Idea and Concept:

Gabriela Wuelser & Jeanine Reutemann


Video Production:

Jeanine Reutemann


Creative Commons Licences:

SDG-Animation: "GLOBALE VERANTWORTUNG - Armut bekämpfen", Wolfgang u. Stefan Marks, Björn Otto Friday for Future Szene: "Klimastreik statt Schule", Tim Lüddemann



Scott Buckley Additional b-roll and Music: Envato Lizenz


"SCNAT" 2020