Coming to grips with the manifold aspects of empathy. Documentary video with experts interviewed during the SLSAeu Conference "Empathies", 2017 at the University of Basel, Switzerland. European Society of Literature, Science and the Arts: SLSAeu is the European branch of the international SLSA:

Experts (in chaotic order):
Jesse Prinz, Fritz Breithaupt, Carolyn Pedwell, Lori Gruen, Seasmus O'Mahony, Manuela Rossini, Margaret Mcallister, Elisabeth Friis, Laura Otis, Ruth Levin Vorster, Edwin Constable, Tyler Volk, Jessica Ullrich, Pola Dwurnik, Dirk Vanderbeke, Jens Hauser, Susanne Schmetkamp, Andrea Ochsner, Christine Davis, Ian Tucker, Tony Sampson, Markus Wild, Jonathan Crane, Joseph Wood, Anna Malinowska, Bruce Clarke

Conference Chairs:
Manuela Rossini, President and Executive Director SLSAeu & University of Basel, Markus Wild, Professor of Philosophy, University of Basel

Organisation Core Team:
Franziska Gygax, Hugues Marchal, Manuela Rossini, Julia Wentzlaff, Markus Wild

Audiovisual Media Production by:
RedMorpheus GmbH,
Jeanine Reutemann & Tim Reutemann

Production funded by:

Conference supported by:
University of Basel: GRACE - Graduate Center | Nachwuchsförderung | eikones | Englisches Seminar | Französisches Seminar | Philosophisches Seminar | Zentrum Gender Studies | Doktoratsprogramm Literaturwissenschaft |  Doktoratsprogramm Recht im Wandel | Aeneas Sylvius Stiftung

University of Basel
Swiss National Science Foundation
SHK | CSHE | CSSU | CSSA, Schweizerische Hochschulkonferenz
Empassy of the United States, Bern, Switzerland
MDPI, Academic Open Access Publishing

Thanks to all the awesome experts for your wonderful contributions! To our best knowledge, no (human or nonhuman) researchers or artists, practitioners or theorists. were harmed in the making of this video.

Teaser of the research documentary