Audiovisual Data in the Digital World

The course will be part of the interdisciplinary minor program "Responsible Innovation" for students of the Leiden University, Delft University and Rotterdam Erasmus University.


Course Description:

"Photography is truth. The cinema is truth twenty-four times per second" (Jean-Luc Godard, 1960). So what about 360-Virtual Reality, at 120 frames per second?

In the digital world, audiovisual data is everywhere. From photographs to videos, games to mixed reality - we're truly living in an audiovisual age. On one hand, new media technologies such as Augmented Reality or 'deepfakes' are in a state of permanent becoming. Innovative formats continuously enter the market place of ideas long before the old ones are fully understood. On the other hand, in this era of fake news, our audiovisual data has become much easier to manipulate than ever before.

In this course, we will explore current digital trends and critically investigate the impact of new media technologies on society. Lectures will reflect on various cases of audiovisual data in the digital sphere such as Virtual and Augmented Reality, AI-robots in moving images, #deepfakes, hacking, webbased-interactive hybridformats from the perspective of audiovisual data in academic research.

Course Timetable:

Week 1: A very short Introduction into Audiovisual Data - From Cave Paintings to Mixed Reality
(J. Reutemann)

Week 2: Data a nd Storytelling on Interactive Web-Platforms; Hybridformats; #FakeNews: New Ethical Challenges(J. Reutemann)

Week 3: Living in a Digital World: Sensitive Audiovisual Data in Mixed Reality (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality) (J. Reutemann)

Week 4: How St ories of Artificial Intelligence Robots in Science Fiction Shape the Vision of Future Technology and Society(J. Reutemann)

Week 5: The Art of Hacking: Of Deepfakes and Toastercats (J. Reutemann)

Week 6: D esign Science to Design Methods (T. Baar)

Week 7: The Bigger Picture: From Design to Action (T. Baar & Guest Lecturer, World Press Photo)

Week 8: Wrap-up and A Speculative Design View into the Future of Audiovisual Data
(J. Reutemann)