10/19 Keynote: ein Fenster in die Welt des Lehrenden

Keynote at "Tag der Lehre", Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg.


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Here the presentation

11/19 geneva Peace week: Research Documentary premiere







Our full-lenght research documentary "Inequality and Conflict - beyond us and them" will have the premiere at the Geneva Peace Week, Cinemas du Grütli, Geneva, 4.11.2019.

From Leiden University to ETH Zurich

New perspective: Change of my university affiliation from the Centre for Innovation at Leiden University, The Hague Netherlands to the Educational Development and Technology of ETH Zurich.

06/19 Pre-screening SDC Network

Towards aiming to bridge the difficult gap between research and policy makers: "audiovisual data" - such as film can be - a boundary object, to not only translate research into another language, but also a further step into new ways of collaboration between science, film and policy makers. Preliminary film screening of "Inequality and Conflict" in Geneva with SDC experts from all over the world. The purpose was to get feedback for the final editing of the synthesis film.

06/19 SCNAT Trailer on Sustainability

05/19 r4d programme short videos on the "SDG16 Peace"; "Sdg5 Gender equality"; "Sdg10 reduce inequalities"

Two short videos from Guatemala, Nigeria and Switzerland.


04/19 sustainable chocolate ghana, VR-360 Experiment

Do we value fairtrade chocolate more through Virtual Reality experiences? Planned experiment with VR-360 videos on consumer behaviour, with the University Osnabrück forthcoming.


04/19 transdisciplinary tool design session

Design Session for the video production of the transdisciplinary tool "Three Types of Knowledge", a project with the td.net and tdlab ETH Zurich.


03/19 Shaping The future of AI, opening speech

What audiovisual data bias do we have in todays AI stories? How can we gain transparency and trust at the borderline between bot and human? We strongly need storytelling for a positive future with „Extended Intelligence“. Fintech Hackathon Zurich

02/19 Keynote: Audiovisuelle Sprache

My keynote on "Videos as another language" in Worms, Germany. We need to fundamentally change on how we reflect, think and produce videos in science and teaching. It's just a different language, and we need to understand how to work with it. > go to presentation slides


02/19 Scientists meet Filmmakers meet blackboxes

Being a mentor at the Science Film Hackathon in Basel was a blast. Looking forward to the Zurich event!



01/19 VR-360 REMOTE SENSING, Leiden University

Final micro script changes of the voice-over for our VR-360 experience about the method of "Remote Sensing". Co-Design project of the Centre for Innovation with Dr. Joris Timmermans, Institute of Environmental Studies, Leiden University. Our talented voice-over speaker is Assistant Professor Paul Behrens, Energy and Environmental Change. He certainly shares some vocal genetics with David Attenborough!


11/18 Climate Change, robopocalypse, Space Travel or Immortality? Role play Game @Bravenewworld Conference

We've designed a massive role play game about the future, climate change, robopocalypse, immortality and space travel from scratch. Mitigation, adaptation, investment in AI robots or basic research? Dependent on the choices of the different countries, the future of our planet drastically changes over the next 100 years. Facilitated at Brave New World conference in Leiden.


11/18 Jos conflict, nigeria: Gender dimensions

Intense and deeply insightful week with the Gender Dimension team of the University of Geneva, colleagues from Indonesia and the local team in Nigeria for a research documentary synthesis project. 


A small Nigerian "fairytale": On the road with local colleagues, hunting for images about inequality. First meeting with the chief of Durumi 1 - he accepts and sends his (handsome) prince with us. A little later, meeting with the chief of Durumi 5 - he accepts and sends another prince to join our journey. Stuffed in a car with two Nigerian princes sharing the front seat, visiting a Internally Deplaced Person Camp of refugees from the Northern states. These images will stay in my head for a while.


Field notes: Nigeria is officially a "post-conflict" state. However, the trip to Nigeria in November was our second, as we've been there in July already for only two days. One week before we arrived in Abuja, there was another genocide in Jos, excatly the place where we've planned to go. So much for post-conflict status.


11/18 Fakenews? DeepfakeS!

We're experiencing a turmoil, a collective global crisis of mistrust in the digital world with nudging, uncertainty of data policy, #EvilCorporations, facial recognition. #Deepfakes add to the prevalent #FakeNews #AlternativeFacts. Presentation 'The Future of Trust in Images' at the multidisciplinary Brave New World Conference, Leiden Netherlands. A research video on these challenging topic will follow soon.


10/18 university Teachings: sensitive audiovisual data in the digital WORld

Have a look at the ongoing course with students from the Leiden University, TUDelt and Erasmus Rotterdam University on critical Audiovisual data in the digital world


upcoming presentations

- Keynote "Lehrvideos – ein Fenster in die Welt des Lehrenden", at "Tag der Lehre", Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, 10.19

- On "Boundary Spanners in Science Film", Campus innovation day Hamburg, 11/19

- Bundesamt für raumentwicklung: video design workshop, 11/19

11/19 Publikation

02/19 Keynote "Eine andere Sprache" response Tweet, Thanks!

12/18 VR-360 Fairtrade Chocolate @uni osnabrück

Design session for a VR experiment on sustainable chocolate in Ghana, University Osnabrück.


11/18 Manifesto Presentation @Uni utrecht

Presentation of the Manifesto for Videos in Higher Education, @Utrecht University; LERU conference.


10/18 How-to-do expert interviews with camera @USAC guatemala

Teaching session with history and anthropology fellows and students of the Universidad San Carlos, Guatemala on the tricky situation of expert interviews with camera for research documentaries. Half-structured interview meets camera documentary interview style.


08/18 360-VR Videos Connected Learning Summit @MIT BOSTON

Through recent advanced technological development, media formats such as VR360-videos for VR seem promising and enter the educational sector rapidly. Although VR360-videos resemble traditional videography in some of their affordances, innovative storytelling, playful elements and

strategies for directing the gaze-attention of the recipient are genuinely different and still need to be explored. In fact, standard VR360-videos are a rather passive medium besides the option to turn the head. We at the Centre for Innovation at Leiden University believe, that a majority of educational topics could benefit from more interaction and playful elements in VR360. Hence, we’re currently developing several projects with playful interactivity in VR in which we try to overcome the passiveness. You can find the MIT presentation here

»We never see the same thing when we also hear;

we don‘t hearthe same thing when we see as well.«

Michel Chion ›The Voice in the Cinema‹